sábado, 19 de octubre de 2013

Beyond "lets save the tubeworms"

Mining and drilling are economic primary productions in a planet where there are production, consumption and distributions. There is some beauty in this, whether not always at the same level.
In the northern hemisphere primary forest the timber activity cuts an old tree and restores and assures its replacement in accordance to their ethics. Non-renewable resources cannot be restored. Mining and drilling compensate the unrepairable damage they cause, also according to their own ethics. Fishery, scientific sampling and metal quest go deeper in an ocean that gets warmer, more acidic and full of plastic and fan noise.
The united nations organization, daughter of the society of nations, protects the moon, the antarctica and aims to the universal bare necessities satisfaction. For that it recalls for a conscient, fully informed and collectively reflected human action, to our best understanding, accompanying the brute labor force, the machine and the feed-back orchestration.
Any human intervention wells from the participated decision of a center, and involves its periphery. When the alignment between both of them emerges, synergy gets closed and cycled. Toga can supply metal for the Paris Hilton limousines, damaging with it the whole, some part, or being fully aware. The people that could think about how and about if, we talk about it, we write about it and we review what is written.
Environmental Impact Assessments will include a null scenario, in which the intervention is not carried out.