jueves, 8 de octubre de 2009

Budget cuts are not necessary for the spanish science because...

... we still don't know wether the final destiny of the universe is to return to a big crunch or to dissolve in the infinity.
... this depends on the total amount of matter and energy of the universe. Which is unknown because we have not found the most of it.
... our current explanations of large scale processes do not fit with those of small scale processes.
... it is unknown how matter, energy and information converge to something we call LIFE in this rolling stone.
... we do not know if this life is only happening here.
... depending on how we deal with it of even against it, we do not know what will be with this life here.
... the concept of species lacks a clear definition when applied to archea (known before as archeobacteria) and bacteria. They are the two most abundant of the six kingdoms that classify life on earth.
... a little part of the species is described of the remaining four other kingdoms (animals, plants, fungi and protists).
... it is just incipient the description of the interactions between species. Life systems characteristic phenomena as cooperation and networking patterns are newly understood, despite the dominant vision of competence and predation.
... within living beings one particularly misunderstood is that one that has two legs.
... is not well understood how the systems of maintenance of life of this planet are being disturbed by him.
... in Malaga it is not known the number and the land structure of the small rivers and brooks. They are being constructed, put in tubes, covered with asphalt, and their river basins are being deforested because the suburbanization process.
... the beaches in the city of Malaga are destabilized.
... the fishing ground of the bay of Malaga is collapsed.
... the economics are confused with the chrematistics.
... the appropriate technology can make life easier.
... science follows art.
... there can be interactions between the young people and all those little creatures that are trapped between the walls of the offices in the universities. And sometimes sparkle.