sábado, 17 de abril de 2010

five thousand commercial airplanes and nuclear heads

I read at different times that the melting Iberia and British Airways have together 408 airplanes, and that Russia and USA will decrease their nuclear arsenal to 1500 heads each.

It comes to my mind then that there are around 5000 nuclear heads in the world, and around 5000 commercial airplanes. Both pregnant of the destruction of our survival.

I have no cell phone anymore, but I do carry a laptop with me. In their batteries there use to be a little logo with a crossed trash bin. So it means do not to throw it to the trash. I fear for the pollution of the aquifers. I fear for the future cancer. Presently we have our part. For example, my mother, who died ten years ago already. Gynecological cancer grew up in her interior oppressing her intestine and she died because she could not shit.

Cold war had us with stolen future. Knowing that could not be tomorrow, we held the breath and tried to enyoy... we became yuppies, and so we still. We boarded in airplanes, and we exchanged a suburb for another. We logged in the wifi and shifted form the disco loneliness and miscommunication to the ones of the chat.

Airplanes forward and backwards. Flying far and briefly. Landing to a scientific congress, showing a powerpoint, making as if you attend some questions. Smiling faked and eating canapés. Applying knives. Few science is around.

Last december I was in the Pacific Ocean in a oceanographic ship and in a human operated submersible. Those who helped us to descend, the divers, when I asked them about the risk of sharks they told me that there were not. You could not see sharks anymore.

We fragment land and sky. Asphalt spits and trails of destruction of tropospheric ozone by commercial airplanes. We are runaway symbionts of a biosphere going in fever, and we face a crossroad between becoming harmful finally and with it potentially self desctructive, or recycling our shits, couple our cycles and fit to the hosting fluxes.

It is good to fly, I dream with it, silently. I dream with flying in silence and with crossing the sea without any engine noise. It is good to be able to. I want that many machines shut up, they already don't let us listen what's important, the breeze whisper and the surf sound. What's all for? I want beauty the cities, but letting watch from them the night stars. That lights bright full in stage of bars. Let's remove the spotlights form what's banal. Let banks go dry and let beauty spread. Let make all it possible. Let's save Europe, now that the Iceland volcano send us the sign.